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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Deputy Commander of the Taliban Corps Threatened to Take over Tajikistan


The deputy commander of the 217th Taliban Omari Corps, Mullah Jan Muhammad Hamza, better known as “Mullah Jan”, threatened Tajikistan with seizing the country within a week if Dushanbe does not stop interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. This is reported by the site, citing one of its own sources. At the same time, Mullah Jan specified that the threat could be realized if Russia did not stand behind Tajikistan's back.


Recall that earlier Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, former prime minister and founder of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan, who said that Tajikistan by"providing asylum to the Afghan opposition declared war to Afghanistan", demanding from Dushanbe not to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

From the moment the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan till today, Dushanbe has taken an uncompromising position against the new government of Afghanistan, while other countries in the region have expressed their readiness to cooperate with the Taliban in various fields.

The Tajik government demands the creation of a so-called "inclusive government" in Afghanistan, while supporting the militias of Massoud Jr. At the initiative of the regime of Rahmon, some attemptshave been made to recruit volunteers in Tajikistan to be sent to Afghanistan for a fratricidal war under the pretext of protecting the allegedly disadvantaged Tajik-speaking population.

Despite the belligerent rhetoric of the Taliban’s commander, this statement is unlikely to have any serious grounds because it contradicts the Taliban's official position, which is to cooperate with the International Community for the recognition of the new government. Representatives of the Taliban have repeatedly stated that they will not allow attacks on neighboring countries from the territory of Afghanistan. The thing is that the Tajik regime is primarily concerned not with a military invasion from the territory of Afghanistan, but with the revival in the region of the very idea of ​​life according to the laws of Islam and the unification of a historical single region with the destruction of artificial national borders. A vivid example of the warm relation of the people of Central Asia to the Taliban is the reaction to them of the residents of Samarkand, which was recently visited by an Afghan delegation.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Muhammad Mansour

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