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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 News Right Now: Hindutva Havoc

The increased footage of attacks within India being released on social media to the streets of Britain erupting in crazy violence, the term Hindutva has surely come to light. So, who or what are they?

The Hindutva, unlike what many believe or understand, has got little to do with religion. It was born out of nationalism – which of course is born out of the pride of one’s ethnicity or geography. The founder was an atheist- known as Vinayak Savarkarand, on seeing the unity of the Muslims in their beliefs and values, was motivated by the hatred of Islam and the hate of the Khilafah movement in India In 1923. He was known to be influenced by Nazi and Italian fascism, and supported Hitler’s policy towards Jews. He therefore used the Hindu sentiments and the religion to gather the emotion of the people and stir hate against the Muslims. This led to the RSS, which was a right-wing paramilitary group founded in 1925 with the aim to defend Hindus and to ensure their domination over India, with the inferiority complex to Muslims. Overtime, this movement advanced with its main tone being only Hindus are Indians and advanced from taking over schools, colleges, labour unions, farmer unions and eventually into politics. Today that is the BJP, ‘Bharatiya Janata Party’ meaning Indian Peoples’ Party, whose founding people were followers of Savarkarand and the RSS.

So now with political power, the Hindutva ideology was able to maximise its violence against Muslims and stamp legitimacy on their actions through laws and courts. The atmosphere in India against the Muslims was so hostile and intense with

-Mosques being destroyed left, right and centre.

-Homes being bulldozed

-Women being harassed and bullied for wearing the hijab

-Men being arrested, beaten and tortured for their crime of being a Muslim.

-Hijab being banned in schools and colleges

-Cow slaughtering counted as a crime

The assaults and mistreatment against the Muslims not only bare no consequences, they are in fact propagated, encouraged and celebrated! That too by the political and religious leaders of India!

Bilkis Bano, who was gang raped by 11 Hindu men murdering several of her family members, including her three-year-old daughter during the 2002 anti-Muslim genocide, were released this summer. As they stepped out of prison, the rapists were welcomed with cheers, fed sweets and garlanded with flowers.

Afreen Fatima had her ancestral house bulldozed with her entire family arrested. Why? Because she became prominent in protesting against the BJP laws making Muslims stateless. 2million Muslims in Assam, India were to be rendered stateless against this law which they wanted to make nationwide.

Mudassar Aalam, a very young 15 year boy old, shot dead with a ak47 because he shouted ‘Islam Zindabad’ at a protest against the insults of our beloved Prophet (saw).

When Modi was elected in 2002 for 4 weeks there was slaughter in Gujarat, 2000 people were slaughtered, 150,000 people were displaced, women were gang raped in broad daylight, and they were burnt alive in broad daylight, for 4 weeks! Those who did this were caught on camera and were celebrated. They said Modi is our king, he is the hinduhi dev sandrat – leader of our hearts. Boastfully saying we killed them, raped them! They were heroes!

It doesn’t just end there. The Hindutva ideology paved its path and reached Britain. British politicians and parliamentarians with especially Indian constituents have taken a very pro-Modi stance which of course in return wins them votes – legitimising his Hindutva policies and anti-Muslim sentiments. So it’s no surprise when the British Hindus provoke Muslims in Britain, in an attempt to further justify their agenda, there’s no serious action or condemnation against the provocation.

These actions by the Hindutva or their supporters are disgusting and shallow. But are we surprised? They unite their people with the weakest of bonds, they have no creed, values and systems, so their turn to fear and hatred of Muslims to give themselves legitimacy and identity. Now more than ever, it must be made clear to the Muslims, that it doesn’t matter about the colour of your skin, which land you come from or what language you speak – if you’re a Muslim, your despised.

There was no one to hear the screams of Bilkis Bano. There was no one to see the tears of Afreen Fatima. There was no one to protect the unarmed Mudassar Alam.. and there's no one for the millions and millions of others who yearn and ache for their Mutasim, their Abdul Hamid, their Sulaiman! They are crying for their Ameer, for their shield, for their Khilafah to come. To once and for all STAND UP and take them under their care! STAND UP and no one dares think yet alone look their way! STAND UP and allow them to live under the peace and security that Islam gives.

Until we witness this day, we will only hear of more Bilkis’s, Afreens and Mudassars. Now more than ever, where the hostility against the Muslims only increases, is the need for its return. When we have the promise of Allah SWT, the only element required now is us, the Muslims to take our STAND and rise up to bring back the lost shield, our glory – the Islamic Khilafah system, on the way of Prophethood, biitnillah.

May Allah hasten its return and relieve our Ummah from her sufferings. Ameen

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