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H.  22 Sha'aban 1445 No: 1445 / 34
M.  Sunday, 03 March 2024

Press Release
It Has Been a Hundred Years Since We Lost Our Khilafah and We Will See No Change Until We Re-Establish It

Certainly, we have been lost since Islamic ruling came to a tragic, prolonged pause with the destruction of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on 28 Rajab 1342 AH, 3 March 1924 CE, a hundred years ago. Since the loss of the Khilafah, the cries of the oppressed fall on the deaf ears of the rulers, who restrain our armies whilst our lands our occupied. We flee our lands for sanctuary, climbing over each other, even risking drowning to escape. The honor of the Messenger of Allah (saw) is attacked again and again, despite the millions of willing and able troops of the Islamic Ummah. We face poverty in the midst of the abundance of wealth that Allah (swt) has bestowed to the Islamic Lands. Indeed, we have been lost without the Khilafah and we will not find our way by striving outside of Islam, whether for Democracy or Dictatorship.

O Muslims of Pakistan!

Have we not been crushed with disappointment since Pakistan’s current rulers came to power in Democracy, riding upon our deep desire for change? Is it not now clear to us that there will be no change under Democracy in Pakistan, neither in the current seventy-seven years nor in the next seventy-seven years? Is it not also evident that there will be no change under Democracy, neither in Pakistan nor anywhere else in the Muslim World? Is it not clear and evident, even now, O Muslims?!

The Khaleefah of Muslims is neither a dictator nor a democrat. He neither rules by his own personal opinion nor by the consensus opinion of an assembly. He rules only according to the Quran and the Sunnah and he himself is subject to the Law of Allah (swt) in any dispute with those he rules. Allah (swt) said,

[فَإِن تَنَازَعْتُمْ فِي شَيْءٍ فَرُدُّوهُ إِلَى اللَّهِ وَالرَّسُولِ إِن كُنتُمْ تُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ]

“And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day.” [Surah An-Nisa’a 4:59]. It is upon him to give and take the rights according to what pleases Allah (swt) alone.

Thus, the first Khaleefah Rashid, the Khaleefah of the Messenger of Allah (saw), Abu Bakr as-Sadiq (ra), declared, "وَالضّعِيفُ فِيكُمْ قَوِيّ عِنْدِي حَتّى أُرِيحَ عَلَيْهِ حَقّهُ إنْ شَاءَ اللهُ, وَالقَوِيّ فِيكُمْ ضَعِيفٌ عِنْدِي حَتّى آخُذَ الحَقّ مِنْهُ إنْ شَاءَ اللهُ" “The weak amongst you is strong before me till I return to him his right, Allah willing, and the strong amongst you is weak before me till I take the right from him Allah willing.”

Thus, the second Khaleefah Rashid, Ameer ul-Mu’mineen, ‘Umar al-Farooq (ra) declared, إِنَّ امْرَأَةً خَاصَمَتْ عُمَرَ فَخَصَمَتْهُ “Indeed, a woman has disputed with Umar and she is in the right in the dispute over him” when a woman disputed his (ra) saying, لَا تُغَالُوا فِي مُهُورِ النِّسَاءِ “Do not be excessive in the dowry of women,” by her saying,

لَيْسَ ذَلِكَ لَكَ يَا عُمَرُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يَقُولُ [وَآتَيْتُمْ إِحْدَاهُنَّ قِنطَاراً] “It is not so, O Umar, for Allah (swt) said, “You gave one of them a great amount.” [Surah an-Nisa’a 4:20].

The inhabitants of the heavens and the earth have been witness to the greatness of Islam in the era of the Khilafah. It is the ruling by Islam that led legions of people to embrace Islam, legion after legion, whether those of Indonesia and Central Asia in the East, or those of Bosnia and Morocco in the West. It is the ruling by the Book of Allah (swt) and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (saw) that made the Khilafah becoming a sanctuary for those persecuted by others, including the Jews fleeing persecution in Europe. Depending on none but Allah (swt), it is the mighty Khilafah that silenced those who attacked the honor of the Messenger of Allah (saw) with the mere threat of war. It is the ruling by all that Allah (swt) has revealed that compelled the Khilafah to mobilize our armies in response to the cries of the oppressed, liberating our lands if they fell under occupation and opening new lands to the light of Islam. It is the obedience to Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw) that bound the Khilafah to secure relief for the poor and the indebted, whilst providing state education and health care to a world-leading standard, free of cost.

O Muslims of Pakistan!

Ahmed narrated that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said,

«ثُمَّ تَكُونُ مُلْكًا جَبْرِيَّةً فَتَكُونُ مَا شَاءَ اللَّهُ أَنْ تَكُونَ ثُمَّ يَرْفَعُهَا إِذَا شَاءَ أَنْ يَرْفَعَهَا ثُمَّ تَكُونُ خِلَافَةً عَلَى مِنْهَاجِ النُّبُوَّةِ»

“Then there will be rule of force, and things will be as Allah wishes them to be. Then Allah will end it when He wishes. And then there will be a Khilafah on the Methodology of the Prophethood.” And then he (saw) fell silent. This blessed speech of the Messenger of Allah (saw), which is nothing but Revelation inspired by Allah (swt), is not only glad tidings for us about the return of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood. No, this blessed Hadith is also news (khabar) for us to act upon, for it is an obligation upon us to rule by all that Allah (swt) has revealed. It has been a hundred years since the destruction of the Khilafah, O Muslims, so work with Hizb ut Tahrir to restore it!

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