Thursday, 10 Rabi' al-awwal 1444 | 2022/10/06
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Blessed Land-Palestine

H.  11 Muharram 1444 No: BN/S 1444 / 01
M.  Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Press Release
The Jewish Entity is a Renewed Major Crime
It Can Only End by the Islamic Ummah and Its Forces’ Eradication of Its Roots and Evils

In a heinous and treacherous crime, and a renewed cowardly aggression, the occupation forces assassinated 3 young men, including the Mujahid Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, at dawn today, Tuesday, and 40 others were wounded, five of whom were described as critical, during their raid of the city of Nablus.

This crime, and similar ones, has become an emphatic confirmation, that the greatest crime and the mother of crimes is the existence of this corrupting entity on earth, and that there are no limits and no end to its crimes except by eradicating it and uprooting it from its roots. This is because it is an entity that was established from the first day on crimes and bloodshed and is still shedding blood until this hour. It did not stop for over dozens of years. Its security is based on the killing of the people of Palestine. Rather, the hand of its corruption and aggression is messing with all Muslim countries, through killing, assassinating, and bombing, in a blatant hostility and criminality against the entire Ummah.

The continuation of the Jewish entity in its criminal approach over the decades, confirms also that this entity is not deterred by the so-called international laws, nor is it stopped by mediation, nor has it been stopped by the shameful normalization carried out by the regimes of betrayal. Rather, its greed in shedding the blood of the people of Palestine is not stopped by any consideration. It is as if it sees that their mere presence in their land threatens its security and existence.

Therefore, the continuation of finding ways to dealing with this usurping entity does not mean anything but the continuation of its crimes. There is no greater evidence for that like today’s crime in Nablus after yesterday’s crimes in the Gaza Strip. The calls of the so-called international community did not spare the blood of the people of Palestine, and the United Nations did not stop at all any crime, even one crime, and it did not account the monstrous for its crimes. How can it be expected of them while they are its sponsors, supporters and accomplices, but rather they are the ones who planted it in our lands and are keen on its security?!

Likewise, following the methods of what has come to be known as intermediaries of conspiracy and betrayal regimes, did not stop this entity, and why should it, when they are accomplices in its crimes; by covering it up and coordinating with it in the crimes, as is the role of the authority of treason. Their role is to direct the ends of every aggression that it undertakes. Everyone has seen their complicit role, as we have already mentioned in the aggression on Gaza a few days ago.

“As for the group of puppet rulers, it is a group that betrays Allah, His Messenger, the Muslims and their blood. They are neither moved by the protection of Islam nor the pride of men, and they are nothing more than tools of betrayal. Their role in every crime committed by our enemies is to contain its repercussions and tighten their grip on Muslims to keep them shackled and swallow humiliation. Their task after every crime is to wash the blood and contain the consequences out of their concern for the Jewish entity, which they are keen on its protection as they are concerned for themselves. They are traitorous rulers, but rather slaves to our enemies who have nothing but to carry out the orders of their masters in Washington and London, and their role has become known and repeated after every crime committed by the Jewish entity; the role of the partner in silence and covering up and conspiracy and security coordination,” until the matter reached that the Minister of War of the Jewish entity thanked the Egyptian and Qatari regimes for what they had done in the recent war on Gaza. They are like the Jewish entity in that they are only concerned with silencing every rebellious soul in the people of Palestine that embarrasses them, exposes their cowardice, and exposes their negligence.

The repeated crimes of the Jewish entity against Palestine and its people and its sanctities are sufficient to be the spark of ignition for the Islamic Ummah. The belief of Islam in the hearts of its sons is sufficient to be a motive for them to liberate Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. What the Ummah possesses of strength, armies, wealth and men is sufficient to eradicate this monstrous entity in one morning until its Asr time, and to liberate from it and its corruption forever. Nothing prevents the Ummah from this except the rulers, the cowardly agents whose thrones are as flimsy as the spider’s house and their seats (of power) have decayed and are destined to fall. Therefore, returning the cause of Palestine to be the cause of the Islamic Ummah, and returning it to its arms has become inevitable. Also, what has become inevitable is to call it with a call that moves its belief and Islam and mobilizes it to rise again.

[وَمَا النَّصْرُ إِلَّا مِنْ عِندِ اللَّهِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَزِيزٌ حَكِيمٌ]

“And victory is not but from Allah. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise” [Al-Anfal: 10]

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